BMT Drive Solutions Gears for Industry

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Gears are a major part of what we do at BMT Drive Solutions. Our expertise in making them has seen us become one of the world’s foremost gear manufacturers as well as a preferred partner. That is mainly because we invest a lot of time and effort in the quality of our gears to distinguish us from our competitors.


After all, delivering top quality consistently is no easy task. The gears we manufacture are fully compliant with ISO, DIN and AGMA norms and the advanced quality standards they set for high speed applications. It’s mainly those quality standards that determine the finishing methods as well as strategies we use for manufacturing our gears.


In order to verify whether our gears comply with the international standards, we can rely fully on in-house testing. The specific measuring tools and devices required are readily available at our plants in air conditioned rooms. Aside from in-house testing, we also completely control every step of the manufacturing process. For instance, the biggest Nital-Etch installation in Europe can be found at our plant in Oostkamp. That is a major advantage for our customers as they only have to rely on one partner, but also for us. After all, it is the ideal way to ensure the quality of our gears.


Another way to ensure the quality of our gears is through our extended investment in research. We have hundreds of engineers working in domains such as R&D, testing, product development, automation, etc. All of this is vital to maintain the high standard of quality we have for our gears.


Finally, delivering quality can only be done by committed and experienced people. A large part of our employees spend their entire careers with us. Indeed, they relish the challenges set by the high demand for quality and complexity of our gears. Also, we try to safeguard this experience and pass it on through collaborations with educational institutions.


Aside from the quality of our gears, being a complete service provider is another thing that sets us apart. Our vast expertise makes us a versatile partner. Indeed, we can provide customers with both small and big gear series for small or big applications. On top of that, we have a global presence. We have either one or multiple plants in every important geographical sales territory meaning that we can assure a quick and high-quality service.