We invest in our people

21 April, 2021

As you may know, we are a family business and as such, we have always attached a lot of importance to caring for our family, which has by now become quite large. One of the ways in which we show that is by investing in our people. After all, just as we constantly improve our production processes, it is very important to invest in our people and help them to grow. That way, we practice what we preach: we are always moving forth. To provide an example of our investments in our people to allow them to grow, we put the spotlight on our Belgian VCST and IGW plants in Sint-Truiden and Oostkamp respectively.


Human centred organisation


Our Sint-Truiden plant has been focussing more on the concept of human centred organisation. In this concept, we will organise programs and trainings for colleagues in leading positions to teach them how to better implement a coaching-focussed style of leadership. Aside from that, there will also be regular coaching talks with all our colleagues to determine how they are doing, but more importantly to see how they can evolve in their function over the course of their career. These talks will take place twice a year and will provide our employees with a clear idea of how the organisation can support them in their daily tasks but also in their growth path.


Aside from the broad concept of human centred organisation, our Sint-Truiden plant also focusses on cooperation 4.0. After all, the introduction of Industry 4.0 brings with it some operational changes – working more paperless, among other things. Aside from preparing the infrastructure for such changes, there is also a need to prepare our people. Through cooperation 4.0, then, we prepare our colleagues in the right way to deal with major changes. After the one-day training session, our colleagues were clearly positive about the concept. Indeed, the training provided them with useful insights that they say has proved handy both at work and in their private lives.



HBDI trainings in Oostkamp


To optimise internal communication in our Oostkamp plant, we introduced HBDI trainings two years ago. The one-off trainings start from an analysis of someone’s personality. Based on that analysis, that person is then attributed a colour that best matches their personality. For instance, blue is commonly found in engineers and is associated with critical and analytical people while red profiles are more focussed on dialogue and one-on-one interaction. After the analysis, everyone takes part in a number of exercises to practice communication techniques with different profiles.


The main objective of these trainings was for our colleagues to better understand the different profiles of the people in their teams. After all, knowing our colleagues better is key to working more efficiently and helping our customers even better. Aside from getting to know each other better, our colleagues have also gained a better insight into their own personality and how they can function in their teams in the best way possible.


We like to invest in our people as it brings with it a lot of advantages. Onwards and upwards!